The Heather & Liam Connection


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How Heather met Liam

Jenna's story

My husband and I were given a gift in 2004 when Heather Bouchard walked into our home and lit up my son's heart. Our son Liam was six years old at the time and struggled to maintain a static and predictable existence within his every changing and demanding world. Mom and Dad were trying to find all the programs that could help Liam outside of our home. Kindergarten was supporting his need for an instrumental existence of routine and learning...however, Heather had a different relationship with Liam. Her agenda, as I look back on her time with our family, was about learning skills through relationship development. 

Heather would walk in the door and pick up Liam's foot and put it to her ear..."Hello, is this the Liam Phone, is anybody home?" and Liam would grin reluctantly because he knew he couldn't convince Heather to be serious or literal for more than a minute. 

Their RELATIONSHIP was not built from a textbook or a prescribed curriculum; it was built on mutual trust and love, which enabled Liam to step out of his comfort zone at times and just laugh. At times when she was around, he could let his whole body relax and be in the moment. 

I could not describe to you the loss Liam and our family experienced with Heather's passing. Liam withdrew and cried begging for us to bring her back. I vowed that I needed to take a page from Heather's book and reignite the light in my little guys heart.

Matt's story

A sweet memory of my fiancee, Heather Dawn Bouchard

Heather was working with Liam and as I watched her I realized I was seeing something unbelievable. As she helped Liam with something, she was teaching him how to do it by himself for the next time. Her patience in every situation was outstanding and her motherly instinct was like I had never seen before.

Miss you Heather, more than words can express.